Experienced Retail Product Development, Manufacturing, Placement & Sales
Hitt Enterprises currently maintains a team of professionals with over 65 years of retail marketing experience to buyers and vendors across the U.S.
CEO, Don Hitt After a successful 20 year career with Walmart Stores, Inc. Former VP of Operations Sam’s Club, Don Hitt started Hitt Brands in 2002.  During his tenure at Walmart he was responsible for over $4 Billion in revenue and approximately 25,000 associates.  Don’s vast experience and understanding of the world’s #1 retailer positioned him to help both current and prospective suppliers to Walmart.  From new placement of products to igniting current business, Don’s extensive knowledge of Walmart and Sam’s Club helped suppliers achieve and exceed their sales objectives.   In 2003, Don branched out to create his own sourcing/importing business.  Since then, the company has created and sold hundreds of products across numerous retailers including:  Walmart, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Fred’s and more.  In 2006, Don combined Sales, Logistics and Warehousing under one roof in Lowell, AR just minutes from the Walmart Home Office.
Our Team
VP Marketing & Logistics, Kohl Hitt    Over the last 10 years as Head of Creative and Marketing for Hitt, Kohl has adopted from his father the necessary knowledge to navigate through the vast landscape that is retail. Born into retail, yet spending most of his time writing for film and television, Kohl found his footing in developing new ways to bring innovation and creativity to the market place through product development. Whether it’s packaging design or molding new products, Kohl dedicates himself to leaving no stone unturned nor detail left unnoticed. Holes in the market, following trends, finding new ways to improve on existing products or developing them from scratch are just a few of the challenges Kohl tackles for Hitt.
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Hitt Enterprises
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